About the company

NoviNano explores and develops key-technologies for innovative nanostructure applications for a wide-range of industries.

Our vision is to research, develop and apply surface laser nanostructuring to deliver high value to customer products and processes.

We work closely with international partners and research institutes in order to obtain research results and efficient solutions for our customers on international top-level.

About our facilities

NOVINANO occupies a 200 square-meter-wide filtered, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art research space on the ground level with a vibration-dampening foundation. NOVINANO has the assembled femtosecond laser system, which allows

A wide range of equipment and infrastructure is available to support the research activities, including common optical and electronic characterization and fiber processing equipment. Also, NOVINANO has measurement equipment to research the results of laser treatment. In addition to its in-house capabilities, the laboratory hate access to the extensive external facilities.

Who we are?

NoviNano is a deep-technology company delivering novel techniques for restructuring surfaces using femtosecond laser technology.
This new approach enables a wide range of applications by changing optical and physical characteristics of materials. NoviNano restructuring improves existing processes and creates new business possibilities.
Our team brings together years of physics and material science expertise from academic research and semiconductor development. We are excited to bring this new technology to the marketplace with a focus on pushing the boundaries of this deep-technology.